This week’s eye catchy digital marketing stats!

The data points that were collected for the week in online advertising and marketing is something very eye catching. We have collected the data and presented them in the most appealing way as they grabbed all our attention.


  1. Pokemon go: There are millions of Pokemon go users that are existing and we did not know the accurate number of users as it was a mystery. Well, today we got to know from the company behind the crazy Pokemon game developers that there are almost 65 million monthly users. Imagine, it is just for a month. Though it has slowed down, the Pokemon go game would drive much traffic and attracts the retailers for the advertisement.
  2.  Snap chats: when you prefer snap chat for the advertisements, know that 73% of the snap chat users don’t actually swipe up and 68% of the users don’t even watch the video advertisements. While selecting the ad for digital marketing, you need to select the best strategy.

snapchat3. App install- snap chat: there are the other marketers who have been giving an optimistic response from the snap chat. The app install feature that helps the advertiser target the audience.

4. Pepsi : there was an advertisement released that made the digital marketing increase 366% for the Pepsi company. There were negative tags too, and some termed it tone-deaf. However, there were some reports that were immediately out describing on what went wrong.

5. How much do we love social media? Facebook, twitter, pinterest and many more. How much do we like it? There was a stat out that revealed that on an average a person spent five years of his life on social media. Isn’t that too much? You could build a mansion in five years if you really wanted

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