Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Luxurious House

Owning and buying the house of your dreams is the biggest milestone, which a person can achieve. With the availability of various job opportunities and better career options, both young and old aim at investing and buying their dream house as soon as possible. Investing in property irrespective of whether it is small or large needs to be a well thought out decision.

With the expansion of real estate in our country and a steady rise in demand for homes, many housing projects have come up catering to both the elite and middle class categories. Buying and investing in luxurious properties is no longer limited only to the rich and affluent. Due to better job opportunities, even the upper middle-class are now looking at investing in luxurious properties.

Since buying a luxurious house is a once in a lifetime and expensive deal for most of the buyers, there are many factors, which need to be kept in mind while buying luxurious lifestyle houses in Jagraon. Some of them are as follows:


• The services of a professional real estate advisor would be appropriate as he would recommend and assess the exact value of flats near Ferozepur highway that one intends to buy. The real estate advisor would have a better knowledge and understanding of what it takes to invest in luxurious property near Ferozepur highway and take care of all the factors mentioned below.

• Since luxury homes have a selective and exclusive market, there is not much information that is readily available. It is important to keep in touch with builders or developers either on a personal level or by subscribing to their newsletters to remain updated regarding their upcoming and existing housing projects.

• It is crucial to check out the previous luxury homes, which were developed by the builder who is involved. If possible it is also better to get in touch with old clients that are in contact with the builder to make sure that whatever is on paper will be exactly what you get.

• The location of the property is the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind while buying luxurious houses in Jagraon, Punjab. The limit to the number of residences in one project is about 40 homes per an acre of land. This is considered as an opulent project. It gives a vibe of seclusion, which only the affluent can afford. Make sure that your apartment is not the only one in the whole locality and the locality should compliment the look of the apartment as well. Location of the luxurious home plays a crucial role when it come to resale value of the property.

• It is very important to make sure that the apartment is built with high-quality materials. These should include earthquake resistant factors as well as other disaster proof elements. The internal fittings need to be of premium quality to match its opulent price. Other facilities like a solar panel, recycling, rainwater harvesting, etc. should also be made available.

• While investing in flats in Ferozepur highway, you must ensure modern facilities like concierge service, in-house departmental store, etc. are all provided. Amenities such as swimming pool, play area, modern lifts, gym, yoga hub, sandy sunbathing section, spa and much more promote the resale value.

• Inconspicuous surveillance methods: The security measures provided in most apartments are inclusive of security personnel and surveillance cameras in the form of CCTV coverage, advanced alarm system, motion sensor, smoke detectors, etc. The overt display of big cameras might be jarring and hence can take away from the artistic appeal of the luxury apartment. Instead, the security and surveillance methods should be unobtrusively placed. Also, prefer grill based windows and not a fully hidden one.

• It is always better to opt for a remodeling clause as most builders do not offer them. Even though the builder offers a distinctive design, which might be exclusive, it is not essential that it might be trendy for a long period of time. Opting for a remodeling clause ensures that the homeowner can remodel their luxurious villas or homes according to their taste as and when required.

• Be aware of the resale value. When one is investing in a piece of real estate, nobody thinks of reselling it. But life is very unpredictable and one never knows what the future holds for us. So, in such cases, it is always better to be aware of the resale value. Factors like location and remodeling play a vital role when it comes to selling. The more developed the locality, the better the chances are of selling it. To resell, you have to remodel. So, the remodeling clause comes in handy at this time.

• The most important factor that a buyer needs to consider prior to a property purchase is to inspect the documents very closely. This includes verifying with the court if the property is disputed or not, if it is a cooperative housing society, then clarify terms with the society, and also verifying at the sub-registrar office. As documentation is a monotonous process, it is recommended to hire the service of a professional lawyer.

• Buying Ludhiana highway property is not an easy task for many. The initial cost estimation that is provided by the real estate agent does not necessarily include the add-ons, which can potentially raise the budget to as high as 25%. So, a buyer should always be aware of unforeseen expenditure in the form of hidden and new costs that becomes difficult to cope with.

Buying a house is a time-consuming process and the decision to buy should not be taken hastily at all. However, with a little research, careful planning, and the help of professionals it can be achieved smoothly. These factors are recommended basically on the back of a profound analysis of the real estate industry. Hope that this helps as a checklist to tick all the right boxes while investing in a luxurious home.

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