DhanbadCity: A New Destination to your Real Estate Investment

Dhanbad is an urban city, the largest in Jharkhand and also known as the Coal Capital of India due to the presence of Jharia, the richest coal belt in India, about 8 kilometres away. It’s very safe and people are mostly very friendly and helpful.

It can become the hub of development as being minerally rich region, especially being considered “Ruhr of India”. The city boasts of Institutions like IIT, earlier known as ISM. The city has developed much better than before, has almost got all the modern facilities. The surrounding places like Maithon, Panchet besides from being the source of power generating hydroelectric plants also have scenic beauty attached to it.

Commercial cum residential house having building with the provision of both the commercial purpose and residential purpose. Basically, these types of houses are located high residential area, near the market place, with greenery around the complex, proper ventilation facility, and convenient  and safe place for any common man. In this type of house, either one or two floors, are used as commercial units like bank, shopping complex,etc., and the other ones are used as residential units for rent purpose.

Here are four reasons to invest in commercial property in Dhanbad:


  1. Commercial cum residential real estate brings in greater cash flow
  • Leading real state projects are providing spatial and customized amenities to the aspirants of work space with residence, which is commercially viable and profitable. Commercial properties like banks, shopping complex, coffee shops, coaching centres, etc. are commercially very attractive in Dhanbad.
  • The benefit of investing in real estate in such region is that it offers an opportunity to earn rental income because of the increasing inflow of population due to its growing stature in economics, education and job opportunities.Rental rates rise whenever a lease term expires, and are renewed. In addition to profiting from renting out your properties, you are also benefiting from its gradual rise in value.
  1. . Increasing Asset Value
  • With Dhanbad still growing and developing, there is a lot of opportunities for real state investments in both residential as well as commercial projects. Historically, commercial real estate investments have provided excellent value appreciation rates, often not only meeting, but exceeding, other types of investments. In general, commercial properties tend to go up in value for a variety of different reasons, for example, new developments in the location, bringing in more customers for any business in the property, or proactive management making cost-effective improvements to the property over time. As a result, commercial landlords can not only earn a profit from business lettings, but also from reselling the property in future.

3.Unique Security Advantages

  • When compared to residential property, investing in a commercial cum residential building is often far more secure an option. When you invest in such real estate projects, it’s not just the building itself that has meaningful intrinsic value; it also includes the land. As a property investor, choosing both the location and quality of your asset wisely when making the investment can lead to additional security; your asset will have the potential to generate a return regardless of what happens to the current tenants. It is for this reason that commercial real estate investments are less susceptible to fluctuation with the same volatility as the stock market, for example.

Why apartments in Dhanbad are better options?

1s If you want to be close to the heart of the city, an apartment is by far the more affordable first home option. Due to a large number of top real estate projects in the city, Dhanbad is currently in a boom of new property developments. You end up saving money and you’ll be able to get a brand new apartment to boot.

  1. It’s low maintenance

When you own an apartment the only thing you need to worry about is the interior and your balcony, not about the outer space of the house.

  1. Investment property potential

Not only are apartments more affordable, but buying one in an inner-city suburb can be a long-term investment, either as a source of rental income or as a property that will go up in value.

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